Sunday, August 28, 2011


every year we are given new planners for the school year. these are freebies from the company that wants us to use their fundraising packages. and while i love free, they aren't very pretty. (you may remember this post from a couple of years ago.)

so, i like to bedazzle mine.

one of my best school friends gets hers prettified, too.

actually, i would love to make everyone's planner more girlie and lovely...but my real job gets in the way!
anyone out there share my pain???

Saturday, August 27, 2011

swap talk!

beatrice and miss kitt were lucky enough to swap pretties with maddie and olivia, heather's girls. it's blogland's version of pen pals.

maddie and olivia sent the girls these totally beautified tote bags that were just stuffed to the brim with treats.
purple for kitt.

pink for beatrice.

they oohed and aahhed over the stash and the lovely bags made JUST FOR THEM!

here are the thrifted purses that our girls embellished, filled with trinkety treats, and sent with love to their little friends.

thanks heather, madison and olivia for swapping!
let's do it again!!!

happy day, friends!

Monday, August 22, 2011

back to school

elliott began his final year at elementary school today. (sigh.)
beatrice started second grade, (big stuff.) and i'm in fourth grade for the 17th year in a row! ha! the kids attend our neighborhood school where their dad went, while i teach at another elementary school in our small city.

this year, my colleagues and i are enjoying a brand new building. let me just say, "WOW!" and "i love air conditioning!!!!!"

i've also found that while i will always miss the charm and character our previous building held, new construction offers cupboards and drawers that are deep and wide, (read: hold tons of stuff!) and the halls are eerily quiet with the carpeted floors.

i've been super duper busy getting ready for the new year, and i apologize for the lack of posting going on around here. i'll get into a groove soon, i hope!

much love and happy school days to you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

home love

here is a happy front door greeting made from an antique wooden clothes hanger, white buttons, crepe paper scrappies, and vintage papers.

paper flowers. ahhhhhhhhh.

i used cheap stickers for ease.

oh, and i found an old key that has an "h" engraved on it. perfect! (i so LOVE home.)

i also used some thin champagne colored fabric on the flowers.

it's back to school time for this girl! i will do my best to keep up here, though, as i find much joy amongst you bloggers.
happy day to you!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

pretty little cuff

this lovely is similar to the bookmark as it uses stitches and scrappies.

the collage here was created with chunky vintage baubles and bits, since it obviously doesn't have to be held between book pages!

the greens were so fun to work with, and make me so happy to look at!

the clasp is made of stretchy elastic and an itty bitty touch of bling.

happy day to you, friends!

Monday, August 1, 2011


i love to make handmade, one of a kind gifts for loved ones and special kindred spirits.

this bookmark is going to a dear teacher friend.

can you see that teeny tiny heart?

i stitched - freestyle/collage - which is my all time favorite method of stitching (no rules!) on a skinny fabric scrap and then glued it to some vintage lace for a pretty backing.

i added a few doodads to the bottom and voila! it's a pretty!
happy day, friends!