Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pretty clippies - artful thursday

i like to use these little clippies on gifts, or even as gifts. they can be personalized in oh-so many ways! starting with these basic pieces, go to town!
mini clothespins - the springy ones
poker chips
sticky glue

create to your heart's content!

warning. these are sorta addicting. like...i really should be doing dishes and other wifey mom stuff. but, i'd RATHER make these darling clippies! does this happen to all of you, too?

happy day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

another lovely...and artful thursday?

this petite inspiration box arrived a few days ago from miss leslie. i so love the sweetness this box sings.

here are all the pretties she packed inside. there is some really cute stuff in here!

seriously...where on earth did she find this rhinestone bird??!!! LOVE IT!

and i really like these paper bird punchies. i don't have a bird punch, so i totally will be using these little sweeties! this swap fun was great. i am so looking forward to more opportunities to play! thanks, leslie!

one of my girlfriends has a daughter graduating this year...i offered to make a banner for the reception, which i forgot to take a picture of. anyway, i had an extra pennant laying around, so i scooped it up for my artful thursday project on saturday, and am posting it on sunday. pathetic. i do have to encourage you all to check out julie's paper doll project at the adventures of blue girl. so cute.

happy day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

swap pretties...

this little lovely arrived from the oh-so creative amy powers! besides being creative, amy is also sweet. like the real kind of sweet. genuine.


the theme for our matchbox swap was "petite inspiration - nesting edition" hosted by heather at speckled egg. she is a fun art girl with a darling online shop chock full of goodies. (she had put together a swap for valentine's day that was full before i could sign up, so i was way stalking her blog looking for her next swap!)

amy totally STITCHED this felt blue birdie! her little french knotties and lazy daisy stitches are just soooooo CUTE. i love it and i can't believe i get to keep it!

so then...

the treasures! miss amy absolutely packed this box full of "nesting" items.

look at THIS bluebirdie! felted wool! how do people make this stuff????!!

thank you, amy!!

a few days later, this happy mail arrived - sent from miss cristina i met cristina last year at silver bella, and am looking forward to getting to know her more this year!

S.W.A.K.!!! love it!

the attention to details this girl puts into things is

look at that nest card...cute.cute.cute!

and all kinds of lovelies to make art with! can you see that little girl's expression!?? she's totally thinking - "what!? someone sent this to ME!!??!!" i can so relate!

and i am crazy about these birdies...the top hat fellas! oh yeah, they've got personality!

thank you, cristina!

so you can all see...i am spoiled rotten, and so, so very grateful.

happy day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

haiti by hand...

i was so excited when i was able to participate in heather's petite inspiration swap! we dressed up matchboxes and stuffed 'em full of spring themed pretties. we were put into little groups, and then we made each other a box and sent it out.

i loved the opportunity to tinker around in my artroom. it was so fun to pack this teeny tiny little box with all kinds of treasures. i seriously had a blast and am sooo looking forward to more opportunities to play along!

and then...

someone suggested we could make an extra box to donate to rebecca's haiti by hand project! i was happy to take part in this. so, this morning rebecca listed them on the etsy site, and it sold! my silver bella friend, leanne, picked up this little treat! thank you, leanne!

what a happy day!
so...tomorrow i will show you the lovelies i received from my swap partners, amy and cristina!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i couldn't find the frame that i had in my mind for this, so plan b. found an old book cover that had pretty paper in the same color schemes. adding a couple of eyelets in the corners, i could use ribbon and lace to hang my little lovely.

here's my "artist's signature" charm.

happy day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


spring is most definitely here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

artful thursday...

girls. would you believe that these lovely "pockets" are created from toilet paper rolls???!!! so not my idea, but such a great one. i found it in somerset life...a creative tip from the creative queen becky shander. LOVE IT! and they are so easy to make.

gather toilet paper rolls. (suggestion. contact a custodian at your local school.)
squish the roll.
adorn with pretty papers.
sew up the bottom. or glue if you prefer.
punch a small hole on each side - on the fold.
embellish with all kinds of fancies!
add a wire handle and ribbon.

i think this might become an addiction. seriously. give it a shot. way fun!!!!

now. last week, i shared my idea for a moo card book...well, i have it finished and jam packed full of moo cards and business cards, so i thought i'd give you a peek.

happy day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

day 37, day 38, day 39, and DAY 40!

and, here she is...

i'll work on the frame and then show you how it all turns out!

happy day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fun mail!

last week, in ONE day, i received TWO fun packages from blogging art friends!

look. both girls used that cool graphic tape. LOVE IT! i'll share one package today, and save the next for another post. the first lovely is from BFF virginia. now, those of you who enjoy miss linda, the spunky texan, will recognize bff virginia. she is miss linda's non-blogging talented sidekick. they have their own monthly swaps. i am insanely jealous of this and think it's "the bee's knees." anyway. the girls had a give-away and i won!

pretty box...

fluffy packaging...

and a chiffon rose for me and supplies to make my own! sweetness! thank you, miss linda and bff virginia! you both made me smile!

happy day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

more silver bella...

opening nite at silver bella, each gal was given a tote bag loaded with all sorts of goodies and treats! some of the items shared were kits for fun little art activities! that means that these women put together 190 kits. holy stink! karla and i spent this afternoon putting ours together. so much fun!

first of all, from lisa kettell, adorable little fairies dressed in crepe paper emerged from the stash.


then we adorned these adorable little aprons from kim hesson.

super cute.

next up...victorian girlies. these were from ann-denise at whim and fancy.

karla was missing the scrap-girl, so she improvised with the artchix spoil me lady.

so full of attitude. don't you think???

finally, we awarded ourselves with these precious prize ribbons from heidi at birds of a feather.

total sweetness.

all of these ladies who shared their gifts with us are way generous and oh-so talented! thank you! thank you! thank you!

looking forward to november.

happy day!