Thursday, February 25, 2010

artful thursday #2...

and i so totally remembered! (the sun has not been seen around these parts for days...sooooo sorry about the quality of some of the photos.)

these little blooms have been in the back of my mind for awhile and the photos had been sitting on my desk for weeks.

favorite photos
pretty papers
collage bits
glue stick
e6000 - or sticky glue
felt - any color
wooden sticks

each flower will need, 2 paper hearts (front and back)
and one felt heart - cut a little smaller than the paper hearts. (this gives the flower a quilted squishy feel to it) *you will notice that the back of the heart is cut larger and i used a scallop edge to make it more pretty.
glue the felt to the backside of the heart and set to the side.

cut photos and adhere to the front side of the hearts...


sew...leave a little gap down at the point of the heart for the "stem".


assemble and display...

now. i had these little flower pots that needed filling so i just shoved the little stem in the fabric covered green styrofoam. another option would be to use a wooden spool, as seen here.

ok. i gotta tell you...i don't really know if this is what each thursday will look like around here. there may just be a photo of a creation, sans directions...but i hope you will visit again!

happy day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

circa 1979...

my sweet mamma became a wheat weaver. here's what that means. our garage was transformed into a mini barn with trash bags full of golden pride of the prairie wheat. wallpaper trays were filled with water and wheat was left soaking for hours and hours. she then wove that wheat into all sorts of pretties.

well. she's back at it.

she and my dad belong to the Gideon organization - the people that put Bibles in hotels and hospitals. anyway - big convention next month, and she agreed to make the favors. and they are lovely.

my job as faithful daughter was to help attach them to the card stock. we worked most of the day saturday, and had a splendid time...can't wait to create with her again, soon.

happy day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ohmygosh-it's my first thursday and....

i forgot it was thursday!

julie at adventuresofbluegirlxo is inspiring friends with art ideas each thursday. i thought this would be loads of fun and an excellent motivator and...i forgot. good grief. ok. here's my excuse - field trip for forty fourth graders today. my brain can only take on so much extra!! (what do you think. is that a lame excuse?)

so, i am sharing a "last minute flying around the art room" little ditty. use a few random office supply dealies that you have lying around to make a pretty. select a photo - one that makes your heart smile, favorite papers, little bits of fringe, assemble, and...

i like to hang pretties on lamps or knobbies...

happy day!
(make that happy THURSDAY!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


we had a HOT date last nite! here is our ready for the prom, stand in front of the fireplace picture...


my husband is really the best of men. i am a totally blessed woman. i love you, honey, and thank you, Dear Lord, for grant.

it was a really great evening. there were 12 other couples from our young adult group at church who met for an evening to celebrate marriage! so much fun...

remember those sweet little samplers from teresa's ezine? here they are added to bingo cards for little lovelies...

happy VALENTINE'S day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

these cute boots are made for walking...

when auntie karla presented beatrice with a pair of pink boots and a set of brand new sharpie markers for her birthday, we got right to work creating...

this is way fun. and sorta addicting. a great no brainer activity. i totally recommend picking up a pair of cheap on sale boots and personalizing them!

happy day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


here's another pretty from teresa's e-zine! amy powers was a guest artist, and this was her project.

now, honestly, i am not so into the whole stitching scene. i remember cross stitching as a junior high aged girl and ending up with a knot in my neck the size of a baseball. but, i gotta tell you, i loved this!

i love the way you just stitch - no real pattern - no counting - it's just really free spirited.

amy had tons of ideas for little hearts.

and i even watched a tutorial to learn how to make french knots. (attention all seamstresses - please don't look too closely!)
i think i will use it in a little pretty. perhaps on a valentine, a collage, or in a cigar box assemblage...hmmmmm???

happy day!