Thursday, February 18, 2010

ohmygosh-it's my first thursday and....

i forgot it was thursday!

julie at adventuresofbluegirlxo is inspiring friends with art ideas each thursday. i thought this would be loads of fun and an excellent motivator and...i forgot. good grief. ok. here's my excuse - field trip for forty fourth graders today. my brain can only take on so much extra!! (what do you think. is that a lame excuse?)

so, i am sharing a "last minute flying around the art room" little ditty. use a few random office supply dealies that you have lying around to make a pretty. select a photo - one that makes your heart smile, favorite papers, little bits of fringe, assemble, and...

i like to hang pretties on lamps or knobbies...

happy day!
(make that happy THURSDAY!)


  1. Very pretty! Looks like fun, but I would probably forget every Thursday!!

  2. WOW...this is really a pretty...your home must just oooze your boot decorating! Happy Weekend, xoxO Nerina

  3. Happy Artful Thursday! Love it that you created something so pretty on the fly.