Wednesday, February 3, 2010


here's another pretty from teresa's e-zine! amy powers was a guest artist, and this was her project.

now, honestly, i am not so into the whole stitching scene. i remember cross stitching as a junior high aged girl and ending up with a knot in my neck the size of a baseball. but, i gotta tell you, i loved this!

i love the way you just stitch - no real pattern - no counting - it's just really free spirited.

amy had tons of ideas for little hearts.

and i even watched a tutorial to learn how to make french knots. (attention all seamstresses - please don't look too closely!)
i think i will use it in a little pretty. perhaps on a valentine, a collage, or in a cigar box assemblage...hmmmmm???

happy day!


  1. How adorable! I love it. Happy stiching.

  2. Darling sister...great job stitching.

  3. I am so glad to visit your happy beautiful blog! All of your Art is so wonderful and a feast for the eyes!!! I also signed up for the Paper Vintage ezine and I am so amazed at all you did with it! WoW!!! Plus, your heart favors below are simply heavenly! Thanks for giving me a smile today! Blessings to You!

  4. You sure do create Happy Paper Art....I received your Valentine today....I am Happy. Thank you it it precious.Therese

  5. Whoa...that is the greatest! I, too, was a failure at junior high embroidery but I cannot wait to do Amy's project. I have my things almost ready and should take off this weekend. I love your letters always add a little bit of "you."