Monday, February 28, 2011

workin' on those scriptures...

my lover, who also happens to be my husband, and i are trying to memorize one verse a week. it's part of "remember 2011", a program hosted by our local Christian radio station. interested? check here. anyway, i am a visual learner. therefore, it was absolutely necessary that i make something to help me out with this little challenge. right?

so, these pretty little bookmarks can be tucked into this pink wall pocket, which is hanging right next to our bed. the verse is written on the back and we can use them to review. also, it helps me to see the verse in my mind. now let me just share an art bonus with you. these bookmarks are 2 inches by 6 inches, and are being constructed entirely of SCRAPS and embellished with pretties that i haven't used but really like. is this not a perfect way to use up all those extra pieces of paper that i can't seem to throw away??

blessings and happy day to you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

love this little fella!

my family is seriously obsessed with "our owl". he lives in the hollow tree on the corner of our block. he was the inspiration for this...

just look at him! i can't get over the camouflage.

so anyway. i am in a bit of owl love right now. this stuffed pincushion just emerged as i stitched her out of another project i was working on.

one tiny problem. she's so fancy, i don't think i'll be sticking her with any pins. : )

happy day to you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 inchy banner

here is a banner that i made using some of the fabulous 3 inchy squares that i have received in some superb swaps. (i stitched a few myself.)

i cut some pretty remnant fabric into 5 by 7 rectangles, and then i machine sewed the inchies onto fabric pieces. originally i was thinking about a plain fabric background, like a linen piece or canvas, but then i decided to go with the floral scraps.

i added some vintage lace for good measure, and used safety pins, ribbon, and seam binding as little hooks to connect the banner pennants, and voila!

banners add a little happy to make any room in the house smile.
have a happy day, friends!

Monday, February 14, 2011

xoxoxo - bella love

happy valentine's day, friends!

i was lucky enough to be included in a little group last year when alanna george invited some bella girls to participate in a spring ornie swap. the package arrived last week, full of lovelies and chocolate treats!!! the ornament above was created by terri gordon. doesn't it just scream romance???

this gorgeous piece was designed and soldered by hope ellington. love it.

another soldered beauty created by shawn street. soooo pretty!

can you even believe how adorable this valentine PENGUIN is???? valita baxley - i don't know how you do it! soooo stinking cute!

alanna's sweet love birds! k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

and look at this ornament. is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? robin sanchez, you rock.

this precious little snow valentine is the work of melissa danner. oh, she makes me smile!

scrappy jessie shared this classy glass ornament. so pretty.

this sweet swan ornie was created colleen macdonald. the glitter sparkles add so much!

okay, the quirky queen is my contribution. she totally grew on me. :)

sara velder quilted this little valentine. can you imagine sewing all those lines so perfectly???? no way would i get that done!!!!

this clippy ornament was made by stephanie oyler. love the glitter!!!

rachel velder shared some love with this sweet little postage stamp sized pretty.

bianca gaspard designed this beaded beauty that sparkles and shines.

and there you have it, friends! a little show and tell to inspire!
blessings and much love to you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

great lyrics...

Well His eye's on the sparrow
And the lilies of the field I've heard
And He will watch over you and He will watch over me
So we can dress like flowers and eat like birds...

this is from one of my all time favorite artists, rich mullins, who was whisked away by the Lord about 13 years ago.

this song talks about how it is hard to be like Christ. well, ain't that the truth!!???!!

our verse to memorize last week was "do everything without grumbling or complaining so that you may become pure and blameless children of God"...

i thought of it often! every single time i had a crabby thought - guess what popped in my head! thank you, Dear Lord, for the help! :)

i do not want to be a complainer. i want to be "a pure and blameless child of God." one who does not worry and one who dresses like flowers. and i would really like to be dressed like these pink roses, please, Lord.

happy day, friends!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine's day 3x3 inchies...

so many pretties arrived at my door!

these three inchy squares are soooo fun to stitch, create with, and display.

each one is unique and lovely.

the care and detail that everyone puts in to the inchies is just amazing.

i love the variety

and creativity that the girls add

to their packaging and pretties!!

there is "talk" of another swap later this year.

i would most definitely recommend signing up!

sweet laurie at indulge your shelf has a great post with all of the links added here.

happy lover's weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

cutting and gluing and stitching - oh my!

my kind of therapy!
happy day to you, friends!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

owl you need is LOVE...

a canvas,
some lace,
vintage white buttons,
old papers,
printer's stamps,
and you've got yourself...a little love!

she makes me sooooo happy!

look at those lovely rufflies!

i've got an "owl love you forever" in the works. owl share more later. :)

i wrapped the canvas with some vintage trim for extra pretty!
i am totally getting into this canvas thing!

happy day, friends!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cuff stuff...

miss amy had an amazingly ingenious idea and challenge for us to create a cool wrist cuff using the cuff of a man's shirt.

i call this one "love cuff"! ha!

this is the "valentine's day queen wrist corsage".

and this little sampler is "i love you to pieces".

happy day, friends!