Thursday, February 3, 2011

SNIPPET love...

well, for me, it all started at miss linda jo's.

and then it carried on over to jill ruth and company.

and i had to check out the snippet originator...carole in new zealand.

and by this point, i was itching to stitch.

my lover, who also happens to be my husband, and i are trying to memorize one verse of scripture a week.

(our local Christian radio station is helping with this endeavor. you can enjoy this station, too. click here.)

it seemed like a snippet would be a great place to "keep" these precious promises.

so here is my snippet.

the first of many, i'm thinking.

i've got some serious snippet love.

hey, my sissy karla, has a fabric blog, and she's having a GIVE AWAY!!! check it out here!

happy day, friends!


  1. oh im off to see the fabulous giveaway by karla. luv ur snippets

  2. just had to pop by and see your snippet roll...Linda sent me...absolutely beautiful and so meaningful too!

  3. I'm loving your snippet roll! Aren't these fun to make, pleased you enjoyed making it.
    Power to the snippet roll I say! LOL
    Carole :)

  4. This is awesome, and sooooo pretty!!

  5. This is wonderful Miss Lynn love the scripture!
    hugs Pinkie

  6. Oh my they are fun aren't they? I love that you're putting scriptures in yours.