Monday, March 21, 2011

lace lampshade

i found this lovely little tutorial here. and i couldn't wait to use up some of my lace scraps and doilies. i have a weakness for these pretties. i absolutely cannot resist picking them up at a garage sale or flea market.

think of the hours spent making some of these pieces. i certainly don't have the patience to create something so tiny and delicate. even here, you can see the gigantic chunky stitches i used for this!

we are on SPRING BREAK this week! what a glorious treat. i am a homebody, and it just makes my heart sing to think that i have 5 whole days to be home. we will be busy, as i am not the only one on spring break, mr. elliott and little miss beatrice are home, too. we've got a matinee planned for this afternoon - mars needs moms??? (it's all about the popcorn for me.)

happy, happy spring, friends!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a texas sized tussie mussie!

i am participating in a tussie mussie swap, hosted by sweet jennifer at covered in glitter. (this is my first tussie mussie swap ever. let me just say F.U.N.!)

i loved meeting jennifer at silver bella. first of all, she glows. she lights up every room with her energy and smile. she could be miss texas. and she makes beautiful things. AND she's a teacher, too. but this was my favorite thing about jennifer. she brought her mamma AND her 14 year old daughter to silver bella!!!! isn't that just awesome!???!

see what i mean? miss texas and future miss texas!!!! (her mamma was probably miss texas, too. i am so sorry i don't have her in this photo!)

here's a little peek inside. i just filled it with vintage goodies.

and i looooovvveee crepe paper flowers! i think they make everything look so old fashioned and pretty.

let me just say we are most definitely ready for spring around here.
seven more days.
and it's snowing.

have a lovely day, friends!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


karla and the kids came over to celebrate our bonus no school snowday!

elliott and bennett created a "snow throne".

and then mr. elliott built this adorable snowman. so cute! i love the buttons and the carrot nose!

and what is a snowday without hot chocolate with whipped cream and, of course, sprinkles!???

only 13 more days till spring!
happy day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday with sissy

today was a fun day. my sissy, karla, and i have buckets and buckets of bias tape. picked up at various garage sales, goodwill, and given by friends who are cleaning out their closets.

we wanted to put the streams of color to good use.

using the good old twist and flip technique shown here, we watched our garden grow before our very eyes!

added some scrap chains, and voila! beautiful!

happy day to you, dear friends!

Friday, March 4, 2011

matchbox swaps...

hosted by the oh-so-lovely heather of the speckled egg, are an absolute delight to participate in! the box is just the right size to embellish and personalize for the friend/s that you are paired with. and then, the packing!!!! ohmygoodness! think small, itty bitty, teeny tiny!

i had two partners. this beautiful package arrived at my door, compliments of sheila. i will link her, soon! edit: check out sheila's blog here!

isn't it just beautiful???

and look at that victorian paper scrap - a roller skate!!!!!! can you say a.dor.a.ble!!???

here is a photo of all stash she carefully packed inside. i soooo love*love crocheted pink lace. i am a lucky girl!!

and this super sweet vintage beauty was sent from heather, our dear hostess.

look at that bunch of pink forget-me-nots!! she seriously could have stopped with those, and i would have been one very happy girl!

can you believe all of this vintage goodness was packed in a match box!!!?? LOVE IT!

okay, listen to this. i think i may have issues. the boxes i have received in previous swaps are prominently on display in my home, and i get so much joy from seeing them, but - this is the weird part - i haven't unpacked them! i peek inside regularly, and smile and touch the little pretties, but i just slide the drawer right back in, and leave the goods! and i am sure i will do the same with these beauties! crazy! i KNOW the supplies are meant to be used, and i intend to, sometime, but oh, i love them just the way they are!

i made this box for sheila and heather.

it is so much fun to share stash with friends who appreciate the same types of vintage goodies.

i thought heather's flea market theme was PERFECT!

happy day, friends!
(only seventeen more days till spring!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dreaming of silver bella.

silver bella is most definitely one of my favorite*favorites. teresa is teasing us all with the dates -november 10, 11, and 12 - and announcement that registration is APRIL 1ST!!!! can't wait!!!!! if you are even considering it, i hope you will take the plunge and join us!

i loved this class taught by colette copeland. it was called project runway!

i decided to stretch tea dyed fabric over a canvas,

and then add my little dresses.

soooo much fun. the stitch work is so relaxing and peaceful. and the class was small, but rich with wonderful women.

so. are you planning to be in omaha in november????

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spring fever!

amy's inspired ideas featured this little nugget, created by amy hanna. i immediately fell in l.o.v.e. and had to make one with my own two hands.

you can get all the instructions here. for $3.30. for pete's sake, worth every copper penny!

ohmygoodness, 21 more days till spring!!
happy day!