Monday, March 21, 2011

lace lampshade

i found this lovely little tutorial here. and i couldn't wait to use up some of my lace scraps and doilies. i have a weakness for these pretties. i absolutely cannot resist picking them up at a garage sale or flea market.

think of the hours spent making some of these pieces. i certainly don't have the patience to create something so tiny and delicate. even here, you can see the gigantic chunky stitches i used for this!

we are on SPRING BREAK this week! what a glorious treat. i am a homebody, and it just makes my heart sing to think that i have 5 whole days to be home. we will be busy, as i am not the only one on spring break, mr. elliott and little miss beatrice are home, too. we've got a matinee planned for this afternoon - mars needs moms??? (it's all about the popcorn for me.)

happy, happy spring, friends!


  1. Hope your week in homeland was grand! Love the Lampshade..........and the base? Love that chunk of wood with the lace, don't you? I wouldn't have thought of that sweet girl. XO

  2. Just perused your blog and it is oh so lovely. Love the lampshade and oh the bias tape flowers. Kiddos adorable too.....

    P.S. I did the tussie swap too...sent mine late and haven't received one yet. Yours looks so pretty!! Jennifer was my SB Lil Sis...I love her!!

  3. Pretty lampshade...but then all of your stuff is pretty! Are you going to Silver Bella? I just saw the price....but some of the classes look good. email me

  4. I am a sucker for doilies too! This is a GREAT way to use and display them. I'm inspired!