Sunday, April 22, 2012


first of all i want to apologize for the longest blog break ever. not intentional, just life. i'll catch you up very quickly.

we bought the dump next door.

and then we tore it down.

this was evidently a springboard onto a plethora of household projects, because we haven't stopped moving since!

1. the dump is gone.
2. the scary room in the basement is now a utility room. (yay!)
3. our wood floors have been redone, and they are gorgeous! we are so thankful!
4. i painted our living room, and have been slowly putting our home back together.
5. grant organized and completed some slight construction in the garage to make better use of the space there.

now that i type it out, the list looks somewhat short, but we have been getting everything done AND working our regular jobs, AND kid stuff. so. you know what i am talking about. B.U.S.Y.

i will be back soon with pretties.
happy day to you all, if any of you are still around!