Sunday, January 31, 2010

party favors...

make me so happy! i, of course, LOVE the creating part, but when your guests see them and smile and are - oh so giddy to get to take 'em's just a sweet moment. don't you think?

these were made from paper scrappies, hymn sheets, wooden spools, little sticks, and fun doodads. there is a piece of felt in the middle of the two heart paper cutouts, which give it a nice squishy quilted effect.

we had another fun art party after school last week. everyone made a valentine pocket garland and we had a super fun time. i forgot to take even one picture. (loser.) BUT everyone had a pretty party favor to take home!

happy day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

let me just tell you...

i. love. ezines!

didn't know a thing about them until a year ago. (i read about silver bella in country living and became a serious teresa mcfayden blog stalker.)

this pocket banner is from her newest - paper romance - ezine. (hello! with a name like that how can you go wrong?)

ooohh. this is my favorite part...the cupid hook. totally picked up two of these darling cherubs from hobby lobby Christmas 90 percent off aisle! they're really stocking hangers for a mantle!!! perfect for a valentine's day banner!


here's another day's project.

a love shack!! this was personally appealing to me. our last name is lebsack, which can sound sort a like love-shack. so our little cottage home is happily referred to as the lebsack loveshack! tmi? hope not.

happy day to you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

L is for ...

here's a happy little banner, sure to bring cupid by.

the heart hanger at the top is a Christmas ornament snagged at hobby lobby on the 90% off sale!

now. after i've posted all this, i have to confess that blogging today felt a little lame....

in light of all the devastation that haiti is dealing with. i have loved rebecca sower's insight and heart as she reports on the tragedy through some personal,heartfelt experiences and prayers are with the haitian people.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

cuff stuff

i have admired these cool bracelet cuffs and been wanting to jump on the bandwagon since seeing them on teresa's ezine last february. evidently it takes me a while to get things done! :) i am now fully on board! these little things are so addicting!

this is the closure.

i loved digging through my stash, reusing, and not overthinking the process.

this one reminds me of romance and valentine's day!

i am very excited to be participating in a swap hosted by danielle at the vintage dragonfly studio. cupid's kiss! oooohhh lala! can't wait! are you in any swaps? are you hosting any? i'd love to hear about it and follow along. what a fun world this blogland is!

by the way, happy snow day! we were all sent home from school right after lunch due to the dangerous driving conditions. you should have seen the glow from sheer excitement on my fourth graders' sweet faces!

happy day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a little pretty

i see these little address or appointment books at salvation armani or yard sales all over. there are three things about them i really like.

1. they are little. i love little things.
2. they are full of paper that's just waiting to be written and doodled on.
3. they are usually a dime. way cheap.

this one is red. and while red does things for some of you, i simply don't care for it, so it needed to be changed.

enter: music sheets, lace (from my silver bella big sis miss jodie), mod podge, ribbon, and little bits.

much better!

oh, look at these beauties...

my lover, who also happens to be my husband, surprised me with a love*ly pink bouquet!
thanks, babe!

happy day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy happy new year!

blessings to each one of you!