Sunday, January 31, 2010

party favors...

make me so happy! i, of course, LOVE the creating part, but when your guests see them and smile and are - oh so giddy to get to take 'em's just a sweet moment. don't you think?

these were made from paper scrappies, hymn sheets, wooden spools, little sticks, and fun doodads. there is a piece of felt in the middle of the two heart paper cutouts, which give it a nice squishy quilted effect.

we had another fun art party after school last week. everyone made a valentine pocket garland and we had a super fun time. i forgot to take even one picture. (loser.) BUT everyone had a pretty party favor to take home!

happy day!


  1. Those do look fun. I can see why everyone was happy to take one. Great idea. Come for a visit. I am having a giveaway.


  2. Pretty party favors and a very cute idea!

  3. These are really adorable!


  4. Those are toooo cute! i haven't stopped in for awhile and you have wonderful happy treats!

  5. Love it!!!! So creative:)

  6. Great favor, heart filled and pretty! Congrats on being on Crescendoh, this week!!!