Thursday, January 21, 2010

let me just tell you...

i. love. ezines!

didn't know a thing about them until a year ago. (i read about silver bella in country living and became a serious teresa mcfayden blog stalker.)

this pocket banner is from her newest - paper romance - ezine. (hello! with a name like that how can you go wrong?)

ooohh. this is my favorite part...the cupid hook. totally picked up two of these darling cherubs from hobby lobby Christmas 90 percent off aisle! they're really stocking hangers for a mantle!!! perfect for a valentine's day banner!


here's another day's project.

a love shack!! this was personally appealing to me. our last name is lebsack, which can sound sort a like love-shack. so our little cottage home is happily referred to as the lebsack loveshack! tmi? hope not.

happy day to you!


  1. LOL lebsack! I'm doing the ezine, too. I'm a fool for online classes!!!!!!! Go see my love shack! Yours is darling. I haven't made the your Garland Holders!

  2. You are a good time manager....I am doing the ezine as well, but just printing it off for now. Your Valentine banner is pretty and I love the use of the stocking holders for banner holders! You are a clever girl!!

  3. the banner is cute....but I really like the "love shack" cute is that!!! (oh that song is in my head, "I got me a car and its as big as a whale"....LOL).

    yapping cat