Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter blessings

here is a little lovely inspired by hope. i wish i had a really great photo of the beauty she sent to karla. we are talking JUST GORGEOUS!

ooohhh...i found a photo at kana's. see what i mean? lov.ely. i begged her for a tutorial, and she was sweet enough to oblige! maybe if you all bombard her she will post a how-to! :)
am i getting myself into trouble, hope???

it was way fun to make and i was pleasantly surprised that it was easier than it looked. hope used the little window to display pretties like frozen charlotte's or mini eggs. i wanted to celebrate the glory of Easter and keep it empty, like the tomb.

wish i had time to whip up a few more before sunday.

thanks, hope, for being such a dear and an inspiration!
much love and happy Easter, dear friends!

Monday, April 18, 2011

high pitched squeals ga*lore!

karla and i participated in tabitha's mother daughter Easter basket swap.

beatrice and kitt made baskets for madison and olivia, and karla and i each made a basket for heather.

we received their package on our front porch this afternoon, and let me tell you...

this was a very big deal in our little world.


state of bliss.

after the little girls had ripped into their lovelies, it was the mamma's turn.

check this out. heather's presentation is so pretty, i really feel bad about opening it. (okay, so just a little.) she is most definitely an "it's in the details" kind of gal.

vintage flowers, lace, buttons, pearls, fabric strips, a pink minnesota state fair ribbon, a frozen charlotte doll head, AND...

a gorgeous handmade bracelet that was tucked into the most adorable woodsy little nest!!!!

i gotta tell you, this swappin business is something special!
thank you, tabitha, for the great idea. and to madison and olivia, you are precious, and thank you for being our partners. (we'd love to swap again!)

heather, you are so bella!


speaking of swaps:
anyone who is looking for a three inchy stitch swap, jeanelle is hosting the twelve days of Christmas and has room for a few more girls. i have her email addy and will put you in touch with her if you'd like to get in on it. this is a little posse of stitchers who have been swappin since silver bella last november.

happy, happy day friends!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

swap - please join us!

so. last year at silver bella my sister, karla, was in the most awesome swap.

"vintage bling"

now seriously, doesn't that just make your heart go pitter patter?
here's the information, totally copied straight from her blog. leave a comment here or there and you are in.

trust me girlies, this is one you really want to go for.

You will need to scoop up:

*25 pieces of silver looking vintage rhinestone pieces. They do not have to be perfect. It's okay to have some of the stones missing. All shapes and sizes!

*Remove any backs of earrings, pins, other things that need to go so the bail fits nicely.

*The pieces need to be at least 1 inch in size and no larger than 2 inches.

*Glue (E6000 works great) or solder (if you are comfortable with soldering) a jewelry bail on the back of the piece. Hobby Lobby sells glue on jewelry bails that work awesome. A bail is a piece that has a loop on it so you can add a jump ring to the charm.

*Send your pieces and a chain, your desired length, to Lynn and I by June 1. This gives everyone a chance to be on the hunt for the bling! We will assemble your necklaces and hopefully have them out by mid-June. NOTE: The necklace chain length is your preference but be sure to have a length that is long enough for 25 charms.

hope you'll join us!