Monday, April 18, 2011

high pitched squeals ga*lore!

karla and i participated in tabitha's mother daughter Easter basket swap.

beatrice and kitt made baskets for madison and olivia, and karla and i each made a basket for heather.

we received their package on our front porch this afternoon, and let me tell you...

this was a very big deal in our little world.


state of bliss.

after the little girls had ripped into their lovelies, it was the mamma's turn.

check this out. heather's presentation is so pretty, i really feel bad about opening it. (okay, so just a little.) she is most definitely an "it's in the details" kind of gal.

vintage flowers, lace, buttons, pearls, fabric strips, a pink minnesota state fair ribbon, a frozen charlotte doll head, AND...

a gorgeous handmade bracelet that was tucked into the most adorable woodsy little nest!!!!

i gotta tell you, this swappin business is something special!
thank you, tabitha, for the great idea. and to madison and olivia, you are precious, and thank you for being our partners. (we'd love to swap again!)

heather, you are so bella!


speaking of swaps:
anyone who is looking for a three inchy stitch swap, jeanelle is hosting the twelve days of Christmas and has room for a few more girls. i have her email addy and will put you in touch with her if you'd like to get in on it. this is a little posse of stitchers who have been swappin since silver bella last november.

happy, happy day friends!


  1. wow u ladies got some fabulous goodies. the girls look super happy .....

  2. look at those faces!! Such cuties! Thanks for the smile sweet girl. Happy Crafting......and last month or so of school. shewie it gets a little topsy turvy when the sun comes out for the little ones, eh?!
    Sending a hug!

  3. Hi Miss Lynn...
    Your treasures are lovely! I can only imagine the fun you all must have had participating in this swap! I am very interested in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap. If you could put me in touch with jeanelle I would appreciate that.

    Thanks so much!