Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter blessings

here is a little lovely inspired by hope. i wish i had a really great photo of the beauty she sent to karla. we are talking JUST GORGEOUS!

ooohhh...i found a photo at kana's. see what i mean? lov.ely. i begged her for a tutorial, and she was sweet enough to oblige! maybe if you all bombard her she will post a how-to! :)
am i getting myself into trouble, hope???

it was way fun to make and i was pleasantly surprised that it was easier than it looked. hope used the little window to display pretties like frozen charlotte's or mini eggs. i wanted to celebrate the glory of Easter and keep it empty, like the tomb.

wish i had time to whip up a few more before sunday.

thanks, hope, for being such a dear and an inspiration!
much love and happy Easter, dear friends!


  1. Well I must be a great teacher because yours is delightful. I always love how you capture the essence of faith in your art. I would have never thought to create this piece like that. Thanks for conveying to us the true meaning of Easter. He is not here...He has risen!!! Have a wonderful monsoon of an Easter!!!

  2. Many Easter Blessings to you and yours my lovely friend!


  3. It's gorgeous! And so was Hope's! Lovely, lovely! Have a wonderful Easter!