Monday, February 28, 2011

workin' on those scriptures...

my lover, who also happens to be my husband, and i are trying to memorize one verse a week. it's part of "remember 2011", a program hosted by our local Christian radio station. interested? check here. anyway, i am a visual learner. therefore, it was absolutely necessary that i make something to help me out with this little challenge. right?

so, these pretty little bookmarks can be tucked into this pink wall pocket, which is hanging right next to our bed. the verse is written on the back and we can use them to review. also, it helps me to see the verse in my mind. now let me just share an art bonus with you. these bookmarks are 2 inches by 6 inches, and are being constructed entirely of SCRAPS and embellished with pretties that i haven't used but really like. is this not a perfect way to use up all those extra pieces of paper that i can't seem to throw away??

blessings and happy day to you!


  1. Oh, it's beautiful! What a great idea! When I wanted to memorize scripture, I used to put it on a whiteboard in my kitchen. Seems like I was always in my kitchen! Another thing that worked for me was doing one word at a time. Like: I. I am. I am not. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed of. I am not ashamed of the. I am not ashamed of the get the idea! I still remember it 10 years later!

  2. Beautiful wall pocket and a great use for it! I love using up scraps!

  3. Oh I love this idea. Just found you in Inspired Ideas. Glad to meet you - love your blog!