Thursday, February 24, 2011

love this little fella!

my family is seriously obsessed with "our owl". he lives in the hollow tree on the corner of our block. he was the inspiration for this...

just look at him! i can't get over the camouflage.

so anyway. i am in a bit of owl love right now. this stuffed pincushion just emerged as i stitched her out of another project i was working on.

one tiny problem. she's so fancy, i don't think i'll be sticking her with any pins. : )

happy day to you!


  1. Love your owl.
    Love your owl love!
    We had one outside our window when we visited Jud's parents in Mesa, of all places. His hoots were like coo's.

  2. I'd be fascinated by the owl too!!!

  3. Tim says, "I NEED bird this for my year list." So, could you email me the address of the corner of its residence? :-) THANKS!