Thursday, February 25, 2010

artful thursday #2...

and i so totally remembered! (the sun has not been seen around these parts for days...sooooo sorry about the quality of some of the photos.)

these little blooms have been in the back of my mind for awhile and the photos had been sitting on my desk for weeks.

favorite photos
pretty papers
collage bits
glue stick
e6000 - or sticky glue
felt - any color
wooden sticks

each flower will need, 2 paper hearts (front and back)
and one felt heart - cut a little smaller than the paper hearts. (this gives the flower a quilted squishy feel to it) *you will notice that the back of the heart is cut larger and i used a scallop edge to make it more pretty.
glue the felt to the backside of the heart and set to the side.

cut photos and adhere to the front side of the hearts...


sew...leave a little gap down at the point of the heart for the "stem".


assemble and display...

now. i had these little flower pots that needed filling so i just shoved the little stem in the fabric covered green styrofoam. another option would be to use a wooden spool, as seen here.

ok. i gotta tell you...i don't really know if this is what each thursday will look like around here. there may just be a photo of a creation, sans directions...but i hope you will visit again!

happy day!


  1. Love these! A great way to put photos "out there"! And thanks for the step by step. :)

  2. This is happy paper art- very sweet.

  3. This is a perfect idea. I have 3 I kids that would love to see their faces on anything handmade - thanks for the idea...

    pretty paper posies

  4. So cute...and your kids are just adorable!