Monday, April 5, 2010

day 35 and the Easter egg hunt

here's day 35...only 5 more! whew! i love the look of my sweet little sampler, but i have to say, i'm ready to wrap this baby up!

the little cousins - my kids, elliott and beatrice, and my nephew and niece, bennett and kitt, were treated to a fun in the sun Easter egg hunt! their grandparent's (who are very different from the two people who parented us) love to spoil their grandchildren! :)

i managed to get mr. speedy - elliott - to stay still for a photo with bennett!

here is, not even kidding, roger rabbit, who is totally tame. like, you can snap your fingers at him and he comes to you and lets you pet him! the kids were waaaayyyy impressed!

making memories.

happy smiles.

too cute.

happy day to you!

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