Sunday, April 25, 2010

another lovely...and artful thursday?

this petite inspiration box arrived a few days ago from miss leslie. i so love the sweetness this box sings.

here are all the pretties she packed inside. there is some really cute stuff in here!

seriously...where on earth did she find this rhinestone bird??!!! LOVE IT!

and i really like these paper bird punchies. i don't have a bird punch, so i totally will be using these little sweeties! this swap fun was great. i am so looking forward to more opportunities to play! thanks, leslie!

one of my girlfriends has a daughter graduating this year...i offered to make a banner for the reception, which i forgot to take a picture of. anyway, i had an extra pennant laying around, so i scooped it up for my artful thursday project on saturday, and am posting it on sunday. pathetic. i do have to encourage you all to check out julie's paper doll project at the adventures of blue girl. so cute.

happy day!


  1. That is truly a precious much attention to detail! Love the little bird on the much to love in there. I see why you are enjoying it so much. It was a great swap, wasn't it?


  2. Oooooooh Miss Lynn~
    Everything looks so very pretty over here. I have so missed visiting you. We have been busy girls here in Indiana getting ready for Silver Bella...why yes...we dream until we get there. Can't wait to see you in November!