Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fun mail!

last week, in ONE day, i received TWO fun packages from blogging art friends!

look. both girls used that cool graphic tape. LOVE IT! i'll share one package today, and save the next for another post. the first lovely is from BFF virginia. now, those of you who enjoy miss linda, the spunky texan, will recognize bff virginia. she is miss linda's non-blogging talented sidekick. they have their own monthly swaps. i am insanely jealous of this and think it's "the bee's knees." anyway. the girls had a give-away and i won!

pretty box...

fluffy packaging...

and a chiffon rose for me and supplies to make my own! sweetness! thank you, miss linda and bff virginia! you both made me smile!

happy day!


  1. You are so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. I've enjoyed looking around your blog.

  2. So precious, love the pretty packaging!

  3. Lucky you! Linda keeps telling me I need to try making the flowers, but I don't have the materials handy. Well, I probably do, but my 5 yr old values her play dresses too much...

  4. I covet that box, Lynn!

    I am just waiting with baited breath for Silver Bella. I spent the week with Donna (we did a retreat together) and I am ready to go tomorrow!