Thursday, April 15, 2010

artful thursday...

girls. would you believe that these lovely "pockets" are created from toilet paper rolls???!!! so not my idea, but such a great one. i found it in somerset life...a creative tip from the creative queen becky shander. LOVE IT! and they are so easy to make.

gather toilet paper rolls. (suggestion. contact a custodian at your local school.)
squish the roll.
adorn with pretty papers.
sew up the bottom. or glue if you prefer.
punch a small hole on each side - on the fold.
embellish with all kinds of fancies!
add a wire handle and ribbon.

i think this might become an addiction. seriously. give it a shot. way fun!!!!

now. last week, i shared my idea for a moo card book...well, i have it finished and jam packed full of moo cards and business cards, so i thought i'd give you a peek.

happy day!


  1. wow - I saw these in the newest issue and love your version too. Your moo card holder is pretty darn cool too. Great job. Stop by and see my artful thursday project this week if you have a chance.

    embellishments by tina

  2. Your pockets are too cute! You would never guess what they started out as...

  3. What a great idea! I love the big huge flower on the second one!

  4. Lynn, I love those squished toilet paper rolls. And I adore your moo card holders. Are those for regular sized moo's or mini-moo's?


  5. Your paper roll pockets came out gorgeous. And your moo card books are just as lovely. I can tell that you're crazy-addicted to making things...just like me.