Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me tell you

about my day. i spent 8 hours dressed
in pioneer garb, traipsing around the
museum grounds with 40 fourth graders
in tow....i am exhausted. we made
pouches, cornhusk angels, tin punch
designs. we attended a one room
school house and wrote fancy with
ink and quill pens. we played old
fashioned games and ate the best
"buffalo stew" in the prairie...
i am wiped out, but very proud of
my students and their outstanding
behavior. :)


  1. No out of control runners this year? :)

  2. How fffuuuuunnnnn! Man, I wish I was in your class! Well, maybe I am just wishing to be young again...I better stop right here! tee hee..
    Happy Mother's Day weekend girlie!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. For a minute I was wondering what kind of beverage "tin punch" was. Oh, you mean, "punched tin".... hee hee. Sorry. Couldn't resist.