Thursday, November 18, 2010

artful thursday - i haven't forgotten!!!

okay friends. my art heart is a pitter pattering with some crazy creating desires!!! i am so refreshed and energized after my fab.u.lous weekend at silver bella. it was just stinking wonderful!

totally more on that later.

oh, i so love*love*LOVE Christmas! beatrice and i have already started decorating our little cottage. she is just nuts about the nativity sets and can "play" for hours.

speaking of nativity sets, i must to admit to the world: i think i have an addiction. i cannot stop myself. i love them all. plastic, ceramic, chippy, complete, with animals, without animals. does not matter. love.

anyway. we were making our way through the totes that have been storing our precious Christmas pretties, when it hit me that today is thursday! so. it became very important that i create a little lovely for this antique frame.

a sheet of music
a gorgeous image - from a calendar that i bought at a garage sale for a quarter
some scripture torn from an old bible
a bit of lace
a sewing machine

glue the image on the music, stitch around the part that speaks to you, add the scripture, some lace, put in the frame, and ooooh-la-la!

happy day to you, girlies!


  1. loveing this. I have a bunch of cool madonna photos...hmmm! added it to my list of must tries.


  2. I LOVE this.....fabulous!! Great to see you at Silver Bella.

  3. This is really REALLY beautiful.I LoVe it!

  4. This image really blesses me today doll! Thankyou for your kind words and prayers for my friend as well. I think I need to go make something RIGHT NOW! You inspire me so:)xo

  5. Oh, the picture you started with is amazing -- I love what you did! I can't wait to start getting out my Christmas things. I must have been channeling you, Lynn, the other day when I bought a bag of little mismatched nativity figurines at the thrift store! I just could.not.resist them!

  6. Miss Lynn: You are sooooo persuasive! I am going to tear that old Bible up and make a Christmas pretty like you have. Thanks for the inspiration.