Saturday, December 3, 2011

oohhhh - ornie love!

let me just say, i was oh so happy to join a swap hosted by the talented cassandra at an artful adventure for an ornament swap!

it was seriously just what i needed to get me back in the groove and thinking about Christmas!!!

we were placed in groups of 4 and we were each asked to create 3 different ornaments to send to our partners. cassandra placed us with girls who had similar likes, which made it easier to create.

i sent my new friends a cheerful pink chenille house, an elegant pearl and lace fabric Christmas tree and a burlap frozen charolette angel, complete with a know, "everytime a bell rings an angel gets her wings".

so much fun! and the packages i received?!? LOVELY!!!

trisha, who might have the best blog name ever, sent these goodies!

so sweet. AND sparkly!!!

this little felted nest is darling. look at those tiny glittered eggs!

this paper rose covered ornament is completely intriguing to me. i LOVE it! She rolled the paper and brushed the palest of pink powders along the edges. it's soooo pretty. thank you, trisha! (i'll be begging for a tutorial on this beauty!)

there's more!

caroline sent these little lovelies!

how sweet is this? i LOVE the rose images she placed in the bottle cap and GLITTERED!!!! super-cute!

this ornie is made from wood, complete with an engraved rose and frills!!!

and this! look at this GORGEOUS glittered birdie!!! she is the sweetest thing. her little "eggs" are beautiful polished beads (stones?). they are super smooth!!!

thank you, girls, for spoiling me rotten!!!

i am expecting a package soon from our other partner. (mailing anything this time of year is always an interesting experience! no worries, no hurries!)

have a happy day, dear friends!


  1. Miss Lynn, It's been wonderful opening up my Google Reader the last week or so to see blog posts from you!! I was missing them!!

  2. Just beautiful! Hope you and sweet Karla are doing well...Merry Christmas to both of you.

    And, keep us Indiana Girls posted on any retreats you two might be planning on attending. Hope and I will definitely go back to Michelle Geller and Rachel Velders' Handmade U this spring. Lisa is talking me into Kim Caldwell's Audrey event too, but we will see..Missing you both...

  3. Wonderful. You have a tree full now!

  4. I am so glad you like the ornaments! I had a wonderful time creating for you (I too love roses!) Thank you for the shout out and the photographs you took are just stunning!

    I've posted the lovelies you gave me on my blog. I really love them, thank you so much for the time and love you put into them. I will cherish them always.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season

  5. Oh, my favorites are the fabric tree and house! So nice to see you blogging more regularly again!

  6. What lovely pictures you got! It looks like everyone was happy with their ornaments. They where all so cute. Thanks so much for joining!

  7. What a wonderful group y'all are! Mine was GREAT too. I love all the ones you made and recieved, all so sweet, and pretty.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Fabulous ornaments! This was a fun swap!