Sunday, June 2, 2013

so, i have a blog, but...

hello you dear friends that are still reading and checking in. bless your heart for not completely writing me off!
it has been a longgg time.
too long.

i so love this little blog and the cozy internet world it created for me.

i don't really want to say so long, but i sure don't have time to nurture it. :(

i'm not exactly sure what is next. weird.

i will tell you that in the last year, i have lost 75 pounds! yes, i feel like a new person, but the same somehow, too.

we got a dog. we are all in crazy love.

we have finished school and are one week into summer vacation!

speaking of wonderful things like summer vacation, sunshine is calling to me, and i cannot refuse! i hope to be back soon!


  1. good to hear from you Miss Lynn!

  2. You look great Lynn! I have wondered where you have been but I know you have a full and happy life, and you have to go where your heart leads you! Don't stop creating!

  3. how wonderful to see you again and girl you look great!

  4. Lynn! I'm glad you posted a photo! Congratulations! I hope I haven't walked right past you in Wal-mart and not recognized you! :-)

  5. So good to get an update from you. You look fabulous and happy!

  6. You DO look fabulous!!! Miss your posts! I don't blog like I used to either..... no one does! Come back!