Saturday, September 26, 2009

ok, just for happy.

have you noticed that this wonderful world of blogging hosts some very kind women? after my very first swap with some Christian artists, (the joy banner) i was invited to participate in a surprise project for miss linda, the texan, by one of these kind online girls. (i seriously have to learn how to link up.) anyway. linda's son is getting married, so we put together a little mother of the groom banner. several girls sent a pennant to this sweet mastermind, and then she sent it on to miss linda.

it was great fun putting together a little treat for someone i've never met!

while i'm on the subject of oooh-la-la-love, here are some well wishes for some friends who totally ran off and GOT MARRIED! how cool is that, anyway!?

i was inspired to use these little index cards after i saw jodie's project at the silver bella pre-party somewhere in texas! (stink. i so have to get this linking thing down. i promise to work on it.)

happy day!


  1. I loved your honey comb bell! They bring back memories of showers I went to as a kid. Your card is beautiful. Great use of a tabbed index. I collect them, but haven't used many. I'm "filing" yours for future reference! :)

  2. Love how you embellished the index card. Very cute and crafty idea! :) Best wishes, Tammy