Thursday, October 1, 2009

this is my best girlfriend.

karla ann.
my little sister.
it would be so storybook to be able to say that we have been the best of friends since she first entered my world and memories, but the truth is, we used to have some pretty good knock'em down fights. drove our parents nuts. they always told us, "you girls are sisters! you're supposed to be best friends!" and as usual, they were right.
it just took us until i went to college to figure it out.
anyway. today is her birthday.

we are celebrating by hosting a huge garage sale!!!! let me just tell you, karla is seriously on a high over this thing. she is SO good at it. she could open a "let me come in to your home, clear out your junque, and have a garage sale" business. (in fact, she sorta did that with me and i am sooooo grateful!!)

i am blessed beyond measure to have her for a sister, and the fact that she is my
dearest friend is just too stinking wonderful. we live two blocks away from each other, create art together, and our children totally think they are siblings. so. even tho our early chapters aren't necessarily "storybook", i am so thankful for the way this life is turning out.

happy birthday, sissy!
love you!


  1. I have two boys and am always telling them they should get along. One day they will fully realize how much they love each other and can count on each other. I wish someone would come dejunk/declutter my place -- I have so much and it is just so overwhelming at times. No place to store and things just jammed everywhere. Happy Birthday to your sister and have a great garage sale!

  2. Awe~
    I didn't know Karla and I shared a birthday??? I can't wait to meet her at Silver Bella!
    Hope all is well with you and I miss you. See you soon~