Thursday, October 15, 2009

four weeks from tonite...

i will begin my first adventure at

thursday nite includes a meal with all the girls attending, an all together class art activity, and then, i am told, we will have the swap-a-rama exchange!

this is a major event in my little life. never. ever. EVER. could i have imagined attending art classes for 3 whole days - taught by women that i read about in publications i adore! i am seriously beside myself, totally giddy, as the big glittery event approaches.

big smile.
happy day!


  1. hey doll,
    eeekkk im so excited.
    we are going to have a ball

  2. I am soooooo excited, too!!!! You are going to be so giddy....can't wait to see you!

  3. You are going to love Silver Bella. This will be my second year and I think I'm even more excited this year now that I've had the experience. Look forward to meeting you!

  4. Do I sense a little excitement here little sister???
    Gosh, I can't wait to get my hug!!!!

    everything vintage