Sunday, October 11, 2009

precious...with a capital P.

at church this morning, beatrice and grandma suzie sang a darling little duet to celebrate bea's Christian birthday.

"i am a promise, i am a possiblity, i am a promise, with a capital p, i am a great big bundle of PO-TEN-TI-AL-I-Teee!"

it was absolutely so sweet and happy, my face hurt from smiling so big. fortunately we were sitting in the very front row so no one could see my pride.

i love seeing my children so crazy about my parents. (and vice versa.)
happy day.


  1. I was actually one of the lucky and blessed ones to get to see the grand P performance. It was a Perfect 10, with a capital P of course! Bea is a rising artist first, then singer...though I love to listen to her sing when she draws. I'm so glad I'm her auntie.

  2. The pride in your face is a blessing for all to see. Let it shine for everyone! That closeness and love they feel for each other is a treasure. How precious.
    Bring pictures for us to see at Silver Bella.