Saturday, October 23, 2010

sissy love! giveaway!

hi girls!

well, things are getting crazy around here! sissy and i are just about ready to head to silver bella. this year we decided to bring some goodies to share at bella market, the vendor fair! (we have pretty much perfected the art of thrifting, and have found that we are plumb out of room in our own art studios and thought we could share some love!) so. we have been hustling and bustling around our art rooms and have put together a nice little batch of vintage supplies.

i've also put together some CUTIE PATOOTIE BABY BOOTIE kits. now. we are talking about the cutest little bare booties that you have ever seen. but i am telling you, they are in need of some serious embellishing, and i know that some of you would love the challenge! (i've got to warn you, though, ad-dict-ing!!!)

each kit includes:
1 bare bootie
2 pieces of trim
3 buttons
1 vintage embellishment (like an old flower, game piece, cupcake topper, buttons, charms, etc.)
1 scrap of lace
1 strip of tulle

we've just opened our etsy site. more supplies will be added after our trip to silver bella.

please leave a comment for your chance to win a vintage baby bootie kit! i will draw for a winner on thursday, october 28th.

thank you for stopping by!
happy day, dear blogging friend!


  1. Oh, my, yes. Pick me, pick me! I cannot wait to see what you will have at Silver Bella!!!


  2. I bet you will have a wonderful booth with your sis at Silverbella!! I'll see you there :)

  3. I would love to win that cute baby bootie kit! Looking forward to seeing both of you in Omaha....its almost here!!

  4. I am looking so forward to meeting you in Omaha. I love the booties -- if you don't pick me, then I will just have to buy one from you at the vendor mkt.

  5. I love your cute booties too. And I hope that you and your sis will enjoy the Silver Bella event.

  6. What fun! I'm counting down.... :-)

  7. So I LOVE you sis and really miss my crafty friend after I moved away from Kearney. I follow her blog and today it led me to you!! So glad. Makes me SOOOOO jelous that I dont have a sister to craft with. Come to think of it I dont even have a friend to craft with either :( Thanks for your amazingness!!

  8. ooh yes please! it's so cool that you will be selling this year at Silver Bella!

  9. Cute, cute, cute!!!! Best of luck with your new etsy shop! Can't wait to see all of your wonderful new goodies!

  10. I LOVE these booties! So adorable!!!! Now I need to check out that etsy shop.

  11. Baby bootie kit -- what a cute idea! I can't wait to meet you two in Omaha.

  12. I've admired these booties from afar for a long time and now I have a good reason to buy baby cousin!!
    Much Love,