Thursday, October 7, 2010

artful thursday - pretty name badges

only 6 glorious weeks until silver bella!!! eeeeekkk!
my list of things to do is getting shorter with each passing day. this week's goal is to get our swap treats finished. karla and i are hosting our first swap, the love chapter swap. we are just giddy, and sooooo pleased that some of the girls chose our little swap to participate in. we are providing handmade tote bags for each girl to collect the ornaments. these totes needed name badges, so here's my solution.

start with a poker chip.
circle punch some pretty paper. (melody ross paper - hobby lobby - gorgeous!)

i used some rub on transfer letters and a black ink pen to add the girls' names.

then i cut circle shapes out of scrap fabric, lace, and tulle. stacked 'em up and stitched 'em together.

hot glued the pin back on, and.....ta-da!

one more task scratched off the list!!! whooohooo!!

happy day, friends!!!
thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Your name badges are adorable!! Beautiful job!Thanks for the tutorial! I look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella!

  2. Oh just can't wait!!! Giddy with excitement!!! Excited to be in YOU & KARLA'S swap because of you....and of course the swap topic is awesome!!!

  3. hi miss lynn,
    i am a first year bella stopping by to see all ur pretties. i just love ur blog and cant wait to see what u bring for bella vendor night.

  4. I see my name! yaaaaaaa! You bless me so:)
    See you in Omaha Miss Bella Lynn!

  5. I'm SO excited that my name is on one of those tags!!

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