Thursday, December 2, 2010

artful thursday - sparkly garland!!!

hi girlies!

here's our artful thursday project for today! can you see it back there???? the black arrows are there to guide your eye...they aren't really in the pretty display!!! :)

dig out those old fashioned shiny bright light reflectors, some bendy wire, little mercury glass balls, and buttons.

punch two holes in each reflector - i used the crop-o-dile because i love it, but a regular paper punch would work, too.

determine the length of your desired garland and cut the wire to that length.
use a button as a stopper.

thread the reflector through the wire, and add another button. these button stoppers will keep the reflectors from slipping.

in between each reflector, i added various mercury glass balls.

you could add all sorts of pretties to this garland. lace, tiny ornaments, ribbons, oooh, even anagram letters spelling out winter or wish or merry! i might have to try that next time.

happy day to you!!!


  1. Oh, it's adorable, what a great idea! I only have the plain metal ones, no color...wonder if I could paint them. Hmm...

  2. Lynn This is absolutely gorgeous! You did a super job and I really love the idea of the beads in between!Ill have to try this out myself!

  3. Lynn:

    For next week's Artful Thursday project, I'd like to share my butter sculpture of Regis Philbin.

    Your Brother In Law