Monday, November 28, 2011

our new creation station...

fourteen years ago, my lover and i bought this precious cottage. okay, it was actually a run down rental where drug deals were made, but we could see the potential. we worked and worked and worked, filled it with love and babies, and kept working, but it's hard to keep up the pace with real jobs and minimal extra cash. you know what i'm saying? it may not be everyone's dream, but it's our home. our happy home.

let's just say the queens of this castle were recently relocated. (my man needs an office, and we've sorta outgrown our space, so it was all good.)

here is our previous art room.

ahhhhhhh. good times. (i can't believe how good it looked when it was clean, which in all reality was probably just for this photo.)

and here is the before shot of our new space. it's in the basement, right off the family room. (we've been dreaming of finishing the basement for a looonnnnggg time. it is way exciting to be so close to wrapping it up)! i anticipate plenty of togetherness taking place in this new living space. (we even got a t.v., our ten year old thinks he won the lottery.) (yes, for those of you who did not know, we have been without a television for 5 years. i haven't missed it one bit.)

i've snapped a bunch of photos to show you.

it was time to dig through storage, use what we can and purge the rest. this old green cupboard finally gets to be used! (she's full of Christmas pretties.)

every nook and cranny is being utilized.

each cubby or cupboard has a story and a memory for me.

this is a happy place.

i had to come to terms with the amount of supplies i have. it is most definitely time to stop shopping and start creating.

it looks organized*ish, which is a ton of work for a right brained girl like me.

beatrice's art desk is butted up right next to mine. she has already spent hours drawing and designing in our new space.

i will share some handmade pretties soon.

i couldn't wait to set up my pink tree and hang some of my silver bella ornies.

the jars continue to be a symptom of my ocd. i am getting help.

oh, the floor...i totally just painted the concrete. i'm planning to cover it with glitter, paper scrappies, dripped glue, and other random bits soon and knew that i would destroy carpet.

here is a banner i made years ago featuring a favorite louisa may alcott quote; a little kingdom i possess where thoughts and feelings dwell.


happy day, friends!
be back soon!!!


  1. Your new Creation Station looks completely magical!

  2. What a wonderful creative space for you both! I recognize those ornaments ~ sniff, sniff. . .



  3. What a great spot for creating! Thanks for sharing. Kris

  4. woo hoo! more space! It looks fabulous the greens are just darling all mixed in together! don't let your little one beat you at the creating! :)

  5. Lynn, this new space of yours is incredible! Look at that stair case coming into it and the cute little under the stairs door/closet! You do have a serious stash of supplies!
    I'd love to hear more about 5 years and no tv. How did that come about? We watch very little tv and I don't think I'd miss it much but every once in awhile it's nice to watch an old tv show or movie. We subscribe to netflix so the kids can choose good shows with no commercials. I really don't like what the commercials expose them to.

  6. I don't think I've ever heard that quote before either, I like it!

  7. Ladies, these photos are great, but let me tell you, it is SO awesome in real life. Wish you could all come over and make happy art with Lynn and I-because I know I will be over there. The room is FabuLous!