Thursday, August 19, 2010

artful thursday - momma said

hey girls! hope all is well!!! things are B.U.S.Y. around here. these past 4 days feel like a month! welcome back to reality!

okay, my project this week comes to you with absolutely no clear step by step instructions. sorry. think vague.

make a collage.

this lovely is my great grandmother. she was a tall strong woman. i've been told that one time at a restaurant, she ordered a hamburger. when it was served to her and she didn't like it, she threw it across the room!

anyway. copy collage onto shrinky dinks paper. follow their directions. voila. it's a mini-me.

make it into a cool one-of-a-kind necklace. i really want to wear this one, but i also want to give it to my grandma.

that's it.

now can you say TRASHED? seriously. i've got a problem.

guess what i'll be doing this weekend!!!
happy day, friends!
thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web! you make me happy!


  1. LOL Love the collage. But I realllllly love seeing your room. You are so brave... I should put my room picture up right now... it's HORRID! I can hardly walk. I got out the glitter today. Do you think it's too early? rofl

  2. You are amazing! What an awesome project!

  3. Love mini-me. You amaze me, Lynn. You just seem to whip these things up like it's nothing. And they are all so different. I am still thinking of your moo holder.

    The story of your grandmother is hilarious!

  4. Your great grandmother sounds like she was a real hoot! Gutsy women inspire me. And I like how you came up with a fun and personal project to honor your special grand-lady.

  5. i love your sweet collage but I will tell you I have you beat- my art room is TRASHED and somehow it's made it's way into my kitchen!!!!! LOL!

  6. It looks worse in person, trust me..sorry sissy poo.

  7. I can't wait to see what you have at your booth at Silver Bella, Lynn!


  8. Lynn, Lynn, Lynn! Check out the necklace I made for my mom's birthday, thanks to YOUR inspiration:

    (And we did end up going to Overton on Sat. and had a great time! :-))

  9. "craft" room is a disaster area...and my kitchen/dining room looks like that too because that's where I do most of my crafting.