Monday, September 6, 2010

SURPRISE for me!

hello everyone! happy september to each of you! i cannot believe how busy life has become these past couple of weeks. it's good to be back.

last year, i attended silver bella in omaha. let me just say right now, this was a big time event in my little life. i was absolutely awe-struck with all of the creative minds, sweet souls, and glitter loving girls gathered into one place for this paper event. opening nite, karla and i found a table up close to the front, introduced ourselves to a few gals, and made ourselves at home. one of the sweethearts we sat with, was leanne. : )

leanne grew up in australia, is an author, and is just one of those so sincerely kind women.

anyway, she made my day! after having to use my crabby teacher voice a few too many times, i came home from school, and was more than a little beat. well. there was a PACKAGE for ME!!!!! from leanne!

look at all the little pretties...

am i a blessed girl, or what???!!??

i was no longer the crabby queen, i was transformed!

she also sent this pulpit commentary on cool.

thank you, dear leanne! you make me smile!

happy day, friends!


  1. Ohhh, you lucky girl! I do like the altered cigar box!

  2. What a nice treat. I thought the same thing about Leanne...she is such a lovely person but also pretty funny! I remember those 'first weeks" and will be thinking of you.