Thursday, September 9, 2010

artful thursday - beautiful bulletin boards

this year, i have whipped up three of these little pretties.

recently, both sets of my grandparents moved into independent/assisted living arrangements. AND they are at the same facility, which we lovingly call "the college" - like a big dorm. they spend their days partying, visiting, and showing off (their great-grandchildren) whenever they can. see? college!

anyway. moving into an apartment after you have lived in a house for years, is a bit of a change. less wall space, storage, furniture. everything is smaller. both grandmas needed a bulletin board for photos, snapshops, important phone know, stuff. well, sorry to say, but the brown cork bulletin board just doesn't scream "home". so. we make it pretty. : )

the bulletin board shown here was transformed for princess beatrice and the pink palace. she needs an art display space for her precious drawings and paintings. the boards i made for my grandmas have a more grandma-ish feel. i used gorgeous cabbage rose type waverly prints, dark colors, and rich tones. beatrice definitely need something that sings - girls just wanna have fun!

here we go.
start with a bulletin board. they're about 2 bucks at goodwill.

paint the frame.

pick your fabric. cut to the correct size, and glue directly onto the cork board. mod podge works great for this. i use a sponge brush and paint on the glue.

here is what it looks like once the fabric has adhered.

add trim around the outside.

here's a close up.

make some cute tacks to use. these are pompom balls (love) attached to poker chips and then glued onto thumbtacks.

here is one of beatrice's paintings. doesn't it look lovely on her new art display space?

here is the full view. we glued some scrabble tiles onto thumbtacks, too.

it's a fun, easy, and totally inexpensive project that can be totally personalized to reflect you or your home.

okay. one last note about my precious grandparents. both sets are celebrating anniversaries this month. 65 years of happily ever after for my mom's parents, and 70 years of wedded bliss for my dad's folks! can you believe it!!???!!

happy day to all of you!
i am so glad you're here!!!


  1. This is a fabulous idea--as always. I may just reinvent the bulletin boards we already have all over the house! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It is totally cute and I would have never guessed the Mod Podge trick, Lynn! Thanks for the step-by-step.


  3. Love it! You had me with the beaded trim- that and the fact that it's a thrift store re-do!

  4. Cute boards and you make it look easy! Hope school is going well. We only have about 2 months until Silver Bella and I am getting excited! Looking forward to seeing you and your sis again! I am finally blogging again, come by for a visit when you have the time.

  5. From boring to beautiful...I love your altered board. And happy, happy anniversary to your love birds - they're all so blessed.