Wednesday, May 25, 2011


this lovely little peach is cherie of humble pie designs. she is precious. karla and i met her and the other indiana girls at silver bella, and are so blessed by their friendship and encouragement.


cherie is a painter. (actually, she is an artist with many gifts.) she's been sharing some of the pretties she has created in a couple of classes. she has a great eye for color, and her blog makes me happy.

now that i'm home, (glorious!) i've had the itch to try her collage style painting and decided to go for it.

most definitely fun stuff.

i think i would like to enroll in the she art workshop that i've seen so many of you participating in. i wasn't sure, as paint isn't my favorite medium, but maybe i will give it a try after all!

happy day to you!!!!


  1. lynn,
    that is a wonderful picture and i love the scripture!

  2. Well you should.....because obviously you have the talent! Your painting is awesome! Love those cute journals too! Oh it's just all good!

  3. Does your current school have slate chalkboards....if they are tearing it down try and get them! You can slice the slate and make little stands for them and put them on your kitchen counter!