Monday, May 30, 2011

l love junk!

i met michelle at silver bella a couple of years ago. (i knew i would like her the minute i spied the red retro baby stroller that she picked up while we were antiquing during scrappy jessi's bus tour.) she's got an eye for adorable!!

she taught a class called a charmed life, which i was gaga over. i contacted her for a class kit...
and voila!

it's super j-i-n-g-l-y and j-a-n-g-l-y!! i love it so much! it was sooooo fun to put together!
check out michelle's shop!

okay. now i have to share some mamma love. check out my little man. (#1)

go cyclones!


  1. Eeps! That bracelet is adorable!

  2. Soccer champ!!
    (we have soccer stars and coaches in the family ;)

    xo Colette