Saturday, July 24, 2010

artful thursday - art party!!!

okay. so artful thursday this week was dedicated to a little art party hosted by my sister and i to meet some new silver bellas! we were so delighted to learn that there would be 6 of us from our neck of the woods headed to omaha later this year...we just couldn't wait till then to meet up for some creating fun, food, and, of course, SHOPPING! we also wanted to share a few helpful hints with the girls to help make silver bella a great experience for them.

so we started with brunch...(photos taken before the gathering) :)

then moved onto the creating table...(again, photos taken before the creating began!)

the girls found goodie bags hanging on the backs of their chairs. papers, lace, bingo cards, a little of this and a little of that all waiting to be used.

our project was a portfolio...i shared it a couple weeks ago here.

since the bellas are wearing hats this year for the vendor fair, karla used her collection as decor for our gathering. (i love love this hat.)

here are our new found friends!

this is chris...



and lora...

after we finished the portfolios, it was on to the shopping! we hit one of our all time favorite "junk and pretties shop"...i didn't get any photos of our goods, (lame. sorry.) but i will say, lora scored on a chippy white table and two chairs, janet picked up some great little cards that will come in oh so handy for creating, lisa was all smiles with her sewing supplies, chris was pumped with her treasures that totaled nine bucks, karla found fabric to use in one of the swaps she's participating in, and i came home with a ziplock baggie full of great vintage paper dolls and "a damaged just enough so i love it" framed yard of roses - already hanging in my dining room. :)

girls, we had a wonderful time!!! thanks so much for joining us!

happy day!


  1. What a lovely day. It was so much fun meeting all of you. Thanks for coming to our party!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful day! I loved every moment!! Thank you so very, very much!

  3. What a great idea! Fun way to let the excitement build.

  4. How fun; I am so jealous~ Maybe next year I can go...looks like a great time and nice of you to welcome New Bellas~