Friday, July 16, 2010

artful thursday - summer necklace

hi girls! i'm a day late, i know!

gather some happy grandma-ish brooches from yard sales or flea markets or the trusty goodwill.

pop the backs off.

create a little arrangement that is pleasing to your eye.

you'll need a little fabric for backing, i chose a vintage print.

cut the backing that will work for your arrangement. in fact, cut two. one for the front and one for the back. i wanted a little weight with mine, so i sandwiched a piece of paper in between and sewed them together.

then i went to town stitching and went around and around using different stitch widths.

i used the amazing crop-o-dile to punch holes and add eyelets.

then i got out the big guns - E6000 (holy cow is it good glue.) and glued the arrangement right on to the fabric backing.
waiting for the glue to dry.

i used an old chain from a garage sale necklace.

and finished!

happy day!


  1. Awesome!
    Now I know what you'll be wearing to Silver Bella :)

  2. Hi Lynn,
    How funky fab is your necklace! I want a crop o dile~
    How fun; You scored on those pins...really pretty~

  3. Love it....wish I could have made one with you!

  4. LOVE it! I like old enameled flowers anyway, so more is MORE!

  5. Seeing your colorful pin collection has me wanting to hit the flea market...perhaps this weekend. And I love how your necklace turned out all bright and cheery, just like you.