Monday, July 12, 2010

so i am sort of coveting...

this little wonder. i am so not a computer gal, but i know enough to know that i love apple! my mamma is totally in love with hers. her birthday is tomorrow so i whipped up a pretty little accessory for her. she still doesn't read my blog, so no worries in sharing it with you. :)

in other fun summer news...elliott and beatrice were invited to a toy story 3 birthday party - come as your favorite characters!

okay, elliott really wanted to be zurg...but that just didn't work out!

happy day!


  1. Wow! This iPad cover you made for you mom is adorable! I would mine out of the cover - well, that is if I actually HAD an iPad!!!

  2. The IPOD cover is adorable. I hope that some day I can whip up something so cute. Trying to conquer the sewing machine this summer. Now why didn't i take home ec in my young years?

    Your kids...stinkin' cute in the costumes. Stinkin' cute anyway!


  3. I love the IPOD cover....and funny my mom still doesn't read mine either!!! LOL!

  4. What a pretty sweet in every way.

  5. Such a beautiful cover for your mom's Ipad! I want the Ipad and your cover!! Cute kids and I bet they had fun.

  6. Only YOU would create something so different and beautiful!!! I bet your Mom loved it!!!!
    (love the little scottish terrier!)

    As for the toys...oooops! I mean the kids, they are ADORABLE!!!! I bet THEY were the hit of the party!
    You are so fun Lynn~

  7. Fabulous iPad cover! You could totally sell those, they are so pretty. Your mom must have been thrilled, even if she doesn't read your blog. :-)

  8. You are just TOO clever! iPad warmer (nothing like hiding ugh-ly tech with something sweeter!) and your kids are TOO DARN CUTE!