Thursday, July 29, 2010

artful thursday - flower cuff

here's a little pretty to spruce up your fall wardrobe. i think this would be great for dressy, or school, or even t-shirt and jeans.

first of all...
gather up some seam binding. this can be found cheap at your local salvation army. i like the rayon kind with no sticky stuff on the back. i am always on the lookout for colors like smoke, pewter, and slate...

cut a strip about 18 inches long, and stitch along one side, using the widest straight stitch your machine has.

pull the threads and gather up the binding so you have a wrinkly piece to work with.

now. cut out a circle of felt - or any kind of fabric for backing will work. these circles are about the size of a half dollar.

get that glue gun good and hot!

working around the outside of the circle, start gluing the seam binding down.

hint: after i've gone two whole rotations, shown above, i move to the other end of the seam binding and begin rolling it into the center. then i squeeze out a big ole glue gob right in the center and gently set the rest of the rolled ribbon on the glue gob. i use a crochet hook to secure the seam binding in random spots.

here are some photos of the flowers i made today...the larger ones were too big for my cuff, but they would be lovely on a purse.

okay. now i had white elastic on hand. so i used white elastic. black would have been better.

use enough elastic that your cuff will be easy to put on and comfortable to wear. sew.

glue the flowers all the way around the elastic cuff.

and it's a pretty!

thanks for stopping by!
happy day to you!!


  1. Lynn these are AWESOME - and easy as all get out. Stunning bracelet.

    Hey we are 2 leos - My Bday is August - we are creative sistahs - heehee - I know I feel like somehting huge should be happening with me...I'll figure it out. I'll check in next week to wish you a happy bday.


  2. Very cool, Lynn. I love your choice of colors.

  3. Gorgeous! Something new to create! (Although I'll hand sew rather than machine sew....)

  4. Lynn, you're so creative! Love love love the pretty cuff. I might make some of these flowers. They would go nicely just about anywhere - lapel, hat, shoes, lampshade...perfect!!

  5. I enjoyed your tutorial; I love this color. It seems to go with everything~ Thanxs!

  6. So pretty! Thanks for the instructions. I've been making flowers the last few days, and will try these, too.

  7. These are sooooooooo cool. I'm makin em ... hopefully TODAY!

  8. These are gorgeous! What a terrific idea to use seam binding - it's soft enough and the colours and sheen are perfect. Love it!

  9. I LOVE this! Now that the fair is almost over, I'm going to try this!!

  10. I like the idea of using seam binding because it is so cheap. Thanks!