Monday, January 31, 2011

cutie patootie baby booties are on SALE!

february 2011. my firstborn will celebrate his TENTH birthday this month.

to celebrate...i am hoping to spread a little baby love to my crafting friends.

all the cutie patootie baby booties seen here can be purchased on our etsy site at a discounted price.

there are vintage lovelies,

spring chicas,

more formal and distinguished,

some that make you smile,

some that are personalized,

some pastels,

some fancies,


some are down right elegant,

while others are a little more cottage-y,

there are lots of colors,


and even a cowboy!

some are classy,

or a little frou-frou,

something for every precious little wee one!

and there's more!
the kits are on sale, too!!!!

each kit contains 1 bare bootie, 2 pieces of trim, 3 buttons, ribbon, 1 vintage embellishment, 1 srap of lace, and 1 strip of tulle.

three types of kits are available...
vintage baby, (seen above)
prayers for baby, (seen below)
baby's first Christmas. (not pictured...but really adorable! look at what lisa did with her kit!)

special prices are available for purchasing 2 kits,

and even more special pricing for purchasing 3 kits!

there are a couple of packages of 3 bare booties, without the extra goodies, at a tempting sale price, as well!

and that's it.

visit our etsy site to buy up some booties! most of the booties that you see photographed here or on the site are available! if you have questions, please email me or leave a comment here and i will get in touch with you!

happy day!


  1. these are fab. i still need to finish the one u sent me!
    crossing my fingers they sell out for u

  2. Can I promo this sale on my blog? I just LOVE these!

    Love, Lisa

  3. Those are beyond wonderful, thanks for sponsoring Bird Song. Everyone will be so thrilled to get a kit!

  4. I am so impressed with the quality of your kits!! They are just beautiful and I so appreciate your generosity in sending them to my classmates!

    Thank you,

    ps- I'm posting about them today, I'll mention your sale.

  5. Lynn,

    I am excited about my lovely goody from you at Birdsong! Wish you would br there with us!!