Thursday, January 20, 2011

pink-a-bella! let's talk happy!

friends. i am just busting to share this fun with you!

but first. a little background...the past couple years, beatrice (7 years old) watched with delight as her mamma and her auntie prepared for silver bella. a creative soul, she knew this looked like something she wanted in on. she and i began playing silver bella. hunkered down in our art room, she learned to use her sewing machine, glitter everything in sight, and trust in her artistic instincts. totally fun. BUT it still wasn't the same as GOING to silver bella! (and she knew it.)

so for Christmas, she received "pink-a-bella", a crafting party with her mamma, auntie karla, and favorite four year old, little miss kitt. (kitt is karla's daughter, my niece, beatrice's cousin...are you following?)

we drove to our capital city, lincoln, and stayed at a very nice, inexpensive hotel. now. the getting away from our house part was crucial. no distractions. fancy.

the first order of business was the presentation of the aprons. i made these from a 5 dollar flea market bargain. pink and white chenille. we all wore them. so fun!!! seriously look at those happy faces!!!

karla and i prepared pretty little kits for the crafting experience.

we started right away friday nite with a stitching and gluing activity.
embellished gloves.

we glued.

we stitched!

we dressed in our pink-a-bella pj best! (okay, the mamma's didn't do this part.)

we even had a bedtime story.

the next morning, we were ready to get to it!

we painted,

and dressed,

and accessorized

our little dollies.

when the girls needed a break. we took one.

our projects included:

1. embellished gloves
2. spoolies - as seen on crescendoh
3. bitty baskets - picked up from amy powers' inspiring ideas -
4. necklaces
5. flower pins - gluing by girls - stitching by mammas
6. photo frame - american girl crafts at michael's
7. snowman mobile - charlotte lyons - we didn't get to him. The girls were ALL done!

and they were sooooo happy!!!

here are all of the creations from the pink-a-bella weekend!

precious girls.

priceless memories.

pink-a-bella 2012 - here we come!


  1. What a wonderful idea....the girls look so very happy. You two are great moms!!

  2. that is awesome .. I might have to do that with my lil miss. shes a crafty diva too. the girls are ubber cute.

  3. oh lynn this is wonderful!!! can i come with caroline next time? she would love it!! she would love to help little girls get into all that is "bella"


  4. "Playing Silver Bella?" OH MY WORD that is the cutest thing ever! I miss you Miss Lynn!

  5. LOVE this! My girls realllly wanted to come to SB too! This is such a great idea!

  6. That is wonderful! Y'all are such good mothers! Those girls will always remember that trip. Although, I have a feeling they have lots more crafting times ahead of them!

  7. AWWWW!! So jealous!!! Fun, fun, fun!!! Thank you for letting me live vicariously!!!

  8. I've been thinking a lot about how to host a Silver Bella-ish event for moms and daughters since I live with some mini-crafters, so I love the idea of doing it on a small scale with my own kids! And, as Laurie said, SO jealous!

  9. That is the best idea ever!! I love the idea of the get-away, the fun crafts, and all of the bella extras. Those will be lifelong, special memories for your girls.

  10. First I want to say that I'm so happy to meet you, yay! a fellow Nebraskan! I'm glad you found your way to my blog. Now, this pink bella event sounds like so much fun. I have 4 and 5 year old girls who have so much fun doing "projects" here. Quite a few summers ago I did "camp Mom" with my kids because they don't get any camp grandma type events. It was supposed to be a yearly even and then too much "life" happened and it went by the wayside. I'm excited now to further explore your blog too!
    Again, so happy to meet you!

  11. Pink a bella!!!! How very, very pink!! You know how I feel about that color..........and sendng a great big hug to you and Karla for your splendid version of Silver Bella for your girlies. Such a sweet treasure. Sending love!

  12. That looks like a blast! What a fun idea!