Sunday, January 9, 2011

meet the girls...

so, let me tell you about the valentine ornie swap i am participating in.
cool girls.
talented ladies.
terrific hostess - alanna george - she started a little group last spring...then the girls traded halloween ornies - i didn't play along for this one since i totally skip halloween because i want to get right to Christmas - and now i am back in the swap'n sweetness for a valentine's day theme!

i really love swapping. it is a great way to get to know other girlies, and it's sooooo fun share pretties with other gals who like what i like.

now. sometimes i have a vision for what i think i am going to create, and then....the result is, well...not so much what i thought it would be. does this happen to you?

at first, i thought these little prom queen valentine girls were too creepy to share.
then, they became quirky and kinda cute.
and THEN i decided i loved them!

this project was totally inspired by julie - at the adventures of blue girl xo - she shared the how to for an artful thursday project. i cheated and used yarn because i had it on hand.

so here they all of their quirky loveliness...i think i love them because i can relate - can't we all???!!

happy day!
let it snow!
let it snow!
let it snow!


  1. very cool idea.this is my first val with a white tree.

  2. Quirky and cute, Lynn! Again your own unique style. I love watching what that group does. Talented and very creative women there!


  3. These are really sugary and spice looking, so lovely and girlie.

  4. They really are adorable. Love quirky:) I can see you giggling while you make them now Miss Lynn! Hope your year is off to a fabulous start! Sending Joy your way dear girl! XO