Sunday, January 30, 2011

our nest.

i found these oh-so-cute birdies at everyone's favorite - hobby lobby last week. the little blue birds were in the spring decor. (which is 50% off this week, i think - and the pinkies were in the valentine's day pretties - 30% off.)
i totally love their shabby chicness.

i wanted a family - so i bought two of each.

they were fun to personalize...i added our names, meaningful Bible verses, and beatrice even got a little princess crown.

(grant was less than thrilled about being a pink bird.)

there's a "song in my heart!" (ha!)

the lovebirds: me and my man...

i remembered a wire bird cage that i picked up at a garage sale a couple of summers ago. i didn't know what i was ever going to do with it, but i loved it and couldn't sell it on our garage sale. it's been waiting patiently for a new life.

i used wire and beads, buttons, lace, and thread to set the birdies to flight. you will notice that our birdcage is busting at the seams - perfect! so is our little home! :)

happy day, friends!
much love to you!


  1. That's wonderful, Miss Lynn. Very unique materials. Your own style, as usual!

  2. Oh, Lynn! You are SO CREATIVE!