Wednesday, July 27, 2011

amtrak adventure

earlier this month we loaded up at

IN. THE. MORNING. to head to an amtrak station in a neighboring city.

we met up with karla and trent and kitt and bennett, and our parents, otherwise known as the lovebirds who are celebrating 45 years of wedded bliss! (thus the very reason for this adventure.)

we waited patiently for the train to arrive, and wondered if it would be on time for its 2:30 am arrival. we loaded at 4:30 am.
a little insight. we live in the middle of nebraska, and train travel is a very uncommon, mysterious method of transportation. we didn't really know what to expect.

the time made no difference to our little travelers. they were so excited they couldn't have slept anyway.

the dining car was fancy and fun.

we were headed to grand junction, colorado. a 14 hour train ride. there were a few stops along the way.

i am a total homebody. i do not travel well. therefore, we were all a little uncertain as to how i would fare. (translated: would i be a jumper?)

let me just say: I LOVE TRAIN TRAVEL! i could craft, walk around, snuggle with my lover, have a snack, use the loo, buy a cold soda, all while moving without being strapped in by a seat belt!!!! it was quite glorious. and, the train is a great place for some serious people watching, too.

once we arrived in grand junction, we were off to sight see and spend time with family friends who live in the city.

the honeymooners. xoxoxoxo

these photos were taken along the grand mesa scenic byway on our way to land's end. just breathtaking.

the kids fed the chipmunks at land's end.

this was one of their highlights from the entire trip.

sweet memories.

we enjoyed more beauty at colorado national monument.

so amazing.

we even spent some time at a kid's paradise; complete with go-carts, bump-n-jumps, pizza and laser tag.

and homeward bound.

it was a wonderful trip!
you can read sissy's version and see more photos here.
love you, mom and dad.
happy day, friends!


  1. Beautiful story! I dream of a train trip across county some day. Thank you for sharing yours.

  2. Oops, forgot to tell you that I was led to your blog by our delightful publishers at Stampington. Love those magazines! The picture they posted on facebook of you and your daughter and niece is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on being published! I volunteer with an organization called Rainbows. We work with children ages 3-14 who have had a change in their family structure due to death or divorce. We are always looking for craft projects to do with the kids, so I picked up a copy of Create With Me to get some ideas. I love your owl project! I passed on the magazine to our program coordinator - not telling her my favorites - and she returned the magazine saying, "We must do the owl project with the children! I love that one the best." Thank you for sharing your beautiful project.

  3. I adore train travel - it looks like you guys had an amazing time! I'm so glad you like my "home" state!