Wednesday, July 20, 2011

barbie's extreme home makeover!

earlier this spring, i picked this doll house up at a garage sale for a great price. it had definitely been loved and played with, and was in need of some ty pennington kind of magic. however, months went by before she could get the attention she deserved.

so now it's like a million degrees outside, kitt and bennett are away at the cabin, and we are all caught up on most of our laundry, so beatrice and i decided to tackle this fun little project!

beatrice shopped like a pro at sherwin williams. she is a girl who knows what she wants. it took her about 18 seconds to select: clematis and drama violet for the exterior.

i let her dig through my paper stash and she picked out a couple favorites. we needed multiples to cover all the wall space and had to venture out in the heat to embellishments, our favorite local scrapbooking store for some other papers.

we used mod podge to glue the wall paper in place. she did a wonderful job slathering the paper in glue. my job was to adhere the sticky wet sheets on the walls.

here is the exterior. we are still working on the door. it is in disrepair and needs some help from the professionals. (the daddy.) she loves the flowers in the window box!

this is the attic/toy room. isn't the little girl paper so cute? she wanted pink polka dotted felt for the carpet.

for barbie's bedroom beatrice selected a walnut wood flooring found in the dollhouse section of your friendly hobby lobby! (coupons are out this week!) the wallpaper here is definitely my favorite; pink roses with little specs of glitter and a lace border. ahhhh, i'm ready to move in!

the bathroom is adorable. complete with vintage black and white "tile". beatrice chose a pink and blue polka dot paper for the walls. i topped it off with some pompom fringe.

this is the living room. the flooring is actually hot pink felt and not red as it appears here. the room next to the living space is barbie's art room. the art room carpet (purple felt) comes pre glittered, so barbie won't have to worry about cleaning up!

i am sure we will be on the look out for barbie sized furniture, or creating our own in the weeks ahead.

these are good days.

okay. i have to tell you this.
as we were working on this, beatrice commented several times that i needed to put this on my blog.
happy day, dear friends!


  1. Betty, I love LOVE the colors. And, the wall paper and decoration are perfect! You are ready to have your own cottage. Love you, Auntie.

  2. Beatrice is right! This is awesome... I am in awe and feel my "little girl" days calling back to me. What on earth I would do with a dollhouse (and where would I put it?) I don't know... but this looks like way too much fun!

  3. Darling transformation! Having scrapbooking paper available makes redecorating so much easier and probably you had more color/ pattern choices. How cool to do this project with your daughter!

  4. Came over to visit from Hope's Whimsey blog...I live very near to Hope. What a fun project! I must confess that one of my desires for old age is to make a dollhouse myself. I always think "but what would I do with it?" But the making would be sooooo fun!
    xo, Cheryl

  5. Oh, cuteness! I have to tell you -- I met Ty Pennington! He is a dreamboat!

  6. Hi! I just read your article in Create With Me and I loved it!! Such a cute story! The owl project is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So totally beautiful, what a great project to do with your daughter! I remember my first doll house...well my only doll house my grandfather lovingly made for me. He didn't quite have all the sweet papers to choose from to decorate it with but it was something I adored and remembered the process of it coming together room by room even until this day :)